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May 25, 2006-

Auburn and Lewiston Schools Participate in United's Coloring Contest


During the months of April and May, 3rd Grade students from Auburn and Lewiston Schools participated in United's 2nd Annual Coloring Contest. This contest was developed in efforts to celebrate National EMS Week which was May 14th thru May 20th .



This years contest involved a total of 211 students from East Auburn Community School , Fairview School , Martel School , Pettingill School , Sherwood Heights School , and Washburn School . A goal for next years contest is to include 3rd Grade students from other schools within Androscoggin County . This goal is significant as it may allow more students to think about Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and its application in their community.


As in last years contest, students were asked to draw a portrait based on “What they think of” when they hear the following words: EMS (Emergency Medical Services); EMT (Emergency Medical Technician); Paramedic; United Ambulance; and Hospital.


All the portraits that were submitted to United Ambulance Service were displayed for employees to pick the “Top 5” as well as five portraits that would receive “Participation Awards”. This process was very difficult to undergo as all the portraits displayed artistic qualities that were closely related to the “key words”.


The “Top 5” portraits for this years contest were: 1st Jordan C. Lau, Fairview School ; 2nd Colleen Coffey, Pettingill School ; 3rd Nicole Landry, Sherwood Heights School ; 4th Bernadette Racine, Martel School ; and 5th Katie Duvall, Fairview School . “Participation” awards were given to: Darci Goslin, Washburn School ; Courtney Marquis, Martel School ; Faith McNeice, East Auburn Community School ; Calli Murray, Sherwood Heights School ; and a student from Martel School . These students will each be given gift cards to Staples and a United T-Shirt with their portrait on the back.


All the portraits, with the exception of those listed above were donated to area Nursing Facilities so that they could be shared with residents. This donation was greatly appreciated by many of the facilities. United would like to thank all the students who participated in this years contest!



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