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Jan. 20 , 2009 -

Bridgton Public Library Receives AED

The Bridgton Public Library has recently received a new Medtronic CR Plus Defibrillator.  The automated external defibrillator or “AED” was purchased with donation money received from an anonymous donor who wanted to purchase the device for the Library.   United Ambulance Service also partnered with the Bridgton Public Library and donated a “Public Display Case” to house the device within the library.  Additionally, the Library was enrolled as a member of United’s AED Donation Program which includes free CPR training/certification for library employees/volunteers as well as free maintenance and replacement parts for the life of the AED unit. 


“We are extremely pleased to assist the Bridgton area community in placing a new AED into service.  To date, this is the fourth AED placement that United has assisted the area with over the past six years”, stated Paul Fillebrown, United’s Bridgton Division Supervisor. 


Holly Hancock Bridgton’s Library Director is also excited about the new AED as is another tool that can be used during an emergency situation that requires CPR to be implemented.  According to the American Heart Association (AHA) the use of an AED in conjunction with adequate CPR may assist in the resuscitation of an arrest victim.  “We are pleased to offer this level of training/skills should they be needed for anyone visiting the Library”, replied Hancock. 


For more information about the Bridgton Public Library you can visit them at 1 Church St. in Bridgton, by calling 647-2472 or online at: 


Pictured Left to Right:

Connie Madura, EMT-Intermediate; Holly Hancock, Basic EMT/Library Director, Paul Fillebrown, Paramedic/Bridgton Division Supervisor and Annika Black, Children’s Librarian. 




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