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Sept. 7, 2005-

United Employees Head to New Orleans


United Ambulance employees, Lucien Gendron and Gerry Pineau left the Twin Cities of Lewiston / Auburn to aid in the continued rescue efforts of New Orleans citizens. Both employees were registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and were chosen to be deployed with other Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers from across the nation.


Both men left on Tuesday, September 6 th, on a flight bound for Atlanta , Georgia . Once in Atlanta , Lucien and Gerry will participate in a two day orientation workshop. This workshop will inform them of the plan and operating procedures associated with the rescue and recovery of Hurricane Katrina's victims.


Once the orientation is complete, both men will be dispatched to the field were they will aid in the rescue, recovery, and treatment of patients. It is expected that Lucien and Gerry will be assisting with the aftermath of Katrina for the next 30 to 60 days.


Gerry Pineau, EMT-Intermediate (Left)

Lucien Gendron, Paramedic

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