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Providing adult individuals with basic tools & resources for an improved independent life. Also known as

Community Paramedicine.


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United Ambulance provides adult individuals the opportunity for a regular visit with a Community Paramedic (CP). The CP can assist in providing basic tools and resources needed for an improved self-awareness of medical problems and chronic diseases.

The goal is to reduce potential injuries in the home, the CP can also evaluate the resident's living space and conduct a home safety check to identify any potential hazards.


Local residents that live alone or have limited assistance.

Individuals who routinely use emergency services for general assistance.

Individuals who have limited access to resources (home health, social services, etc.).


- Home Inspection & Safety Checks

- Review of Local Resources & Services

- Fall Risk Assessments

- Review of Medical Conditions, 

   Medications, & Allergies

- Scheduled Well-Being Checks

- Influenza Vaccinations

- Simple Screening:

    - Mental Status

    - Heart Rate & Respirations

    - Blood Pressure

    - Blood Sugar Analysis/ Log Training

    - Weight Check

    - Temperature Check

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Dr. Michael Wilcox, MD

Medical Director

Mike Wilcox, MD is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician who has practiced in rural Minnesota for 38 years. He serves as the Coordinator for the Emergency Care Plus Program for North Memorial Medical Center in Minneapolis, as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency & Family Medicine at the University of Minnesota and is Medical Director for both Rural EMS Services and the Community Paramedic Program at Hennepin Technical College. An early architect of Community Paramedicine, Dr. Wilcox offers clinical skills training and oversight, CME/curriculum development, the development of policy and protocol, outcome analysis and quality assurance initiatives.  Also a national conference speaker, he is a gifted ambassador of Community Paramedicine.


Dennis Russell, M.Ed./ATC/CSCS/NRP/IC/CP

United Training Center Dean

Education Department Manager &

Community Paramedicine Manager

Dennis began his career as a Certified Athletic Trainer in 1999 at the University of Maine and later at Bowdoin College. In 2005, he received his paramedic certification & in 2014 he completed Hennepin Technical College’s Community Paramedic Certificate Program. He soon earned his. Master's in Education from the University of Maine.


Dennis is now the Dean for United’s Accredited Education Department & Community Paramedicine Program Manager for United Ambulance Service. Dennis also works as a Community Paramedic with SmartCare at Cataldo Ambulance Service in Massachusetts. He also continues to work with Dr. Mike Wilcox and WGH Group, LLC.


He is currently collaborating on the development of standardized education curriculums for Community Paramedicine and has been an adjunct professor for Hennepin’s Community Paramedic Program. Dennis currently serves on the Maine Ambulance Association Executive Board, MobileCE Executive Board, ReelDx Editorial Board, Maine EMS Board, Maine EMS Community Paramedicine Committee, and Maine EMS Education Committee. He also currently serves as the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Education Coordinator for Maine. ​


Daphne Russell, AAS/AE-C/EMT-P/CP

Prevention and Wellness Coordinator

& Community Paramedic

Daphne has been employed at UAS since 2003 as a full-time paramedic. She was one of the first paramedics in Maine to obtain a Community Paramedic (CP) Certificate and her primary focus has been to assist in the development of United’s first Home Visit Program. In 2010, Daphne was appointed the Prevention and Wellness Coordinator for United Ambulance.


She has been working with the Maine CDC, evaluators and other implementers in the development and implementation of the In-Home Visiting Asthma Education Program, since 2016. In 2018, Daphne obtained her National Asthma Educator Certification from the National Asthma Educator Certification Board.

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Daurie Norfolk, Advanced EMT/CPT

Community Paramedic Technician

Daurie has been working for United Ambulance Service since 2000.

She is an Advanced EMT and a Community Paramedic Technician.


You must first request a Referral​ Form from your Primary Care Provider or us. Then fill it out and return it to our Prevention & Wellness Office. It's that easy!

       P: (207) 440-2662


After review from our office we will contact the resident and schedule a 60-minute visit at a mutually convenient time for the resident & our Community Paramedic.

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