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United Celebrates Dennis Russell as a Recipient of This Year’s NAEMT EMS Advocate of the Year Award

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) has selected United Ambulance Services’ Education and Community Paramedicine Manager, Mr. Dennis Russell, as an EMS Advocate of the Year.

This award is presented to individuals who show outstanding work in advocating for EMS and the patients that are cared for by first responders. NAEMT will be hosting an event, “EMS On The Hill Day 2019” on April 10, 2019 to recognize the advocates before their peers at a reception in Washington DC.

EMS On The Hill Day was created in 2010 to in an effort to educate the country’s elected officials about the experiences and concerns that EMS providers have, so they can make informed legislative decisions for both providers and patients.

United is extremely proud of Russell’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality of pre-hospital care. He began his career as a Certified Athletic Trainer in 1999 at the University of Maine and later at Bowdoin College. In 2005, Dennis received his paramedic certification and in 2014 he completed Hennepin Technical College’s Community Paramedic Certificate Program. Dennis also earned his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Maine. Dennis is the Dean for United’s accredited Education Department and the Community Paramedicine Program Manager for United Ambulance Service in Maine. Dennis also works as a Community Paramedic with SmartCare at Cataldo Ambulance Service in Massachusetts. He is currently collaborating on the development of standardized education curriculums for Community Paramedicine. Dennis has been an adjunct professor for Hennepin’s Community Paramedic Program. Dennis currently serves on the Maine Ambulance Association Executive Board, MobileCE Executive Board, ReelDx Editorial Board, Maine EMS Board, Maine EMS Community Paramedicine Committee, and Maine EMS Education Committee. Dennis currently serves as the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Education Coordinator for Maine. ​

If you would like more information about United Ambulance Service, please visit: For additional information regarding the “EMS On The Hill Day 2019” please visit:

Dennis Russell, M.Ed., ATC, CSCS, NRP, CP

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