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United Ambulance Service Selected to Participate in CMS’ ET3 Model

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has selected United Ambulance Service to participate in a voluntary, five-year payment model called Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3). The goal of this model is to provide greater flexibility to EMS providers to respond to the emergency health care needs of Medicare Fee-for Service beneficiaries following a 911 call.

Presently, Medicare patients are only covered when transported to a limited number of destinations. This regulation often causes patients to be transported to a hospital emergency department, even though a lower-acuity and lower-cost destination may be more appropriate.

Upon arrival an ambulance care team has two options – to transport or not transport. With the ET3 model, EMS Dispatchers and Providers have the option to connect the patient to a health care professional on-site or via telehealth, to discuss their concerns and allow the ambulance care team, along with the health care professional, to treat the patient without transporting them after, or transport the patient to another health care facility, like an urgent care center or doctor’s office.

The three goals of the ET3 model are to create better patient-centered care, a more efficient EMS system, and an appropriate utilization of services, potentially saving millions of dollars per year. This model provides new payment options, improves and enforces quality of care and patient safety, and allows patients to have greater control of their care by having more options.

United Ambulance Service was one of approximately 180 applicants nation-wide and one of three chosen to participate in the State of Maine. Services were selected based on regional clusters, their ability to achieve model goals, and deliver direct interventions 24/7.

If you would like more information about United Ambulance Service, please visit: For additional information regarding CMS’ ET3 Model please visit:

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